Which is the best bike racing game for an Android phone?


1. Traffic Rider

Lovely game it is. The game is very good and its features and quality are lots better. This game uses everything you need to win your mind.

Features of Traffic Rider

  • Control: Very Good
  • Bikes: 20 bikes to choose from
  • Graphics: Good
  • Sound: Real and Original
  • Upgrades: YES
  • Missions: 70+
  • Data Usage: Medium

2. Bike Race Free

This is one of the great games. It allows you to play together so this is a great opportunity.
Data costs are much lower so you will save a lot of money. Sound quality is great and many missions and have levels upgrade system.

Features of Bike Race Free

  • Control: Good
  • Bikes: 18 bikes to choose from
  • Graphics: Good
  • Sound: OK
  • Upgrades: YES
  • Missions: 100+
  • Data Usage: Low
  • Multiplayer: Yes

3. Bike Racing 3D

This is a great game. When you play, you are actually playing bike games because it is a 3D game. Its graphics and sound and unique quality will fascinate you.

Features of Bike Racing 3D

  • Control: Good
  • Bikes: 5 bikes to choose from
  • Graphics: Very Good
  • Sound: Good
  • Upgrades: YES
  • Missions: 50+
  • 3D: YES

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