What is Bug Triage in software testing?

bug triage in software testing

1. It is a process

2. Each bug is prioritized

3. Priority is based on the severity

4. In the bug triage multiple people are involved

5. This process is used typically in a larger projects

Importance of bug triage

  • This is important as sometimes it is not possible to fix all bugs due to time and resources
  • Some bugs may require small effort and impact big, such bugs needs to be prioritized(bug evaluation)
  • Bug fixing decisions will be taken to act
  • Meeting decides which bug will be fixed for this release and which bug will be postponed
  • A good bug triage ends with successful release

Bug triage meeting participants(Triage team)

  • Test Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Development Lead(s)
  • Business analyst
  • Scrum master

Roles and Responsibilities of Participants

Test Lead

  • Prepares test report
  • Each bug is having priority and severity set
  • Discusses each defect
  • Owns bug triage meeting

Project Manager

  • Ensures triage team is available with details
  • Unblocks if there are any hurdles to resolve the bugs
  • Acts as a mediator between the members
  • Make sure all planned bugs are resolved

Development Lead(s)

  • Discuss bugs in technical aspects
  • Analyze the complexity in bug fixing
  • Analyze the root cause of the bug
  • Estimate effort for planned bug fixing and fix resolution date

Business analyst

  • Provides the priority from the business prospect

Scrum master

  • Helps in bug assignment based on resource availability

Bug triage process – question on each bug

Bug Review -> Bug assessment -> Bug assignment

Is this a valid bug?

Is defect worth to fix it?

When to fix the bug?

Who will fix it?

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