What are some good research topics for a PhD in computer science?

Some good research topics for PhD in computer science are listed down below.


  • Modeling Biological systems.
  • Analysis of protein expressions.
  • computational evolutionary biology.
  • Genome annotation.
  • sequence Analysis.

Internet of things

  • adaptive systems and model at runtime.
  • machine to machine communications and IoT.
  • Routing and control protocols.
  • 5G Network and internet of things.
  • Body sensors networks, smart portable devices.

Cloud computing

  • How to negotiate service level platform.
  • backup options for the cloud.
  • Secure data management, within and across data centers.
  • Cloud access control and key management.
  • secure computation outsourcing.


  • most enormous data breach in the 21st century.
  • understanding authorization infrastructures.
  • cybersecurity while downloading files.
  • social engineering and its importance.

Big data

  • Big data adoption and analytics of a cloud computing platform.
  • Identify fake news in real-time.
  • neural machine translation to the local language.
  • lightweight big data analytics as a service.
  • automated deployment of spark clusters.

Machine learning

  • The classification technique for the face spoof detection in an artificial neural network.
  • Neuromorphic computing computer vision.
  • online fraud detection.
  • the purpose technique for prediction analysis in data mining.
  • virtual personal assistant's predictions.